Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is not the first name that comes to mind for most people when they think of drug and alcohol abuse. One of the friendliest states in America for gay rights, and the home of the largest genealogy libraries in the country, lots of people think of Utah as rather quaint. However, Salt Lake City is still a major city, and being a major city tends to come with drug abuse problems in this modern age. And for Salt Lake City the biggest problem it faces, and has faced for some years now, is heroin.

Drug Rehabilitation and Detox

Heroin, typically provided by Mexican cartels, accounts for 10% of all the drug and alcohol rehab admissions in Salt Lake City. In rehabilitation centers and clinics, over 10,754 admissions in 2006 were avowed heroin users. As such, while clinics and centers do still provide aid and assistance for a wide variety of drugs and addictions, heroin use and methodone treatment are important considerations in the rehabilitation community.

With dozens of rehab centers and clinics in Salt Lake City, it's important that those suffering from drug addiction find a center that suits them, their addiction and the amount of help they need. For instance, if someone is a casual user of a given substance, and they don't need medical assistance for a detox, then an outpatient program is likely best for them. However, for those who have serious, long term use difficulties for whom detox will represent a real medical emergency, then an inpatient center is likely going to be necessary. Inpatient treatment, and even residential treatment, makes certain that a substance abuser gets the proper medical attention to make it through detox, and it cuts them off from possible sources of further drugs while therapy progresses. It's a harder line, and it's typically not necessary for those that only need a little help to get over their addiction problems.

An Ongoing Fight

There is no such thing as a cure for substance addiction. Every program and clinic is there to flush out the addict's system and get his or her body used to living without the drug again. Once that part of the process is complete, what's next is to change that person's habits. It isn't easy, and it requires a combination of many different therapies until the right combination for a given individual is finally found.